Services Include:
  • Canadian Passport, Permanent Resident, Citizenship, & Visa photos
  • Passport photos for the US and various other countries
  • Visa photos for travel
  • PAL - Possession Acquisition License Photos

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Passport & ID Photos

Did you know that Service Canada comes to Westlock once a month?

Yes, you read that right! They now come to Westlock the first Wednesday of each month at the Alberta Supports building behind Boston Pizza and across from Independent. Here is a Google pin to their location:  PIN

Unfortunately, you cannot book an appointment as it is on a first come, first serve basis and their hours are 10:00am - 3:00pm (closed for lunch from 12:00-1:00pm). You can however, arrive when the Alberta Supports office opens at 8:15am, add your name to the list, and then go back at 10:00 when service Canada staff start calling names off the list. The staff will review and process your application so it's best to have everything signed and filled out before you arrive. Be prepared to wait as it can be busy some months.

Alternatively, Service Canada also comes to Athabasca on the 2nd Wednesday of the month (Duniece Centre), and Barrhead the 3rd Wednesday of the month (Provincial Building). One other option if you don't want to make the trip to Edmonton, is to visit the Slave Lake Service Canada office. They are open 4 days a week and you can literally get an appointment next day.

If you are needing a passport quickly and are travelling within 45 days, your best bet is to head directly to Canada Place in downtown Edmonton.

Below are some links to help you out...

Book an appointment at a Service Canada Location in Edmonton or Slave Lake:

Download Passport Applications:
- Child Passport
- Adult General Passport (New)
- Adult Passport Renewal

A: I book by appointment only at this time. You can contact me through my website HERE, book by calling 587-557-1082, or you can book a time through this booking link:


A: Yes, I sure do. The only requirement is that babies need to have their eyes open so it can be tricky with a brand new baby. If you can wait for them to be at least one month old, we'll likely have better luck unless you have a very alert baby.

Q: Do you photograph babies and young kids?

A: The cost is $25 + tax for one set of images (2 photos) per person. Each additional set is $15 and a digital copy can be emailed to you as well for no additional charge.


A: All photos are taken on a white background therefore you cannot wear white. Any colour works as long as is it is not super light. Avoid light grays and yellows. Darker colours are always best.


A: I have printed applications at my studio or you can pick one up at Canada Post as well.
Or I have shared links above to download and print your own applications.

Q: where can i get an application